Paper Making, Watermark & Pulp Painting

By Dan Chen, August 9, 2015

Pulp Painting & Paper Making

For pulp painting, first I laser cut out the shape with mylar, The negative space is where the paper pulp would get trapped.


First wet the mylar and place it on the mold (screen side).



Prepare the platform so we can lay the paper down later.


You can add color to the cotton with retention agent.

DSC05675 DSC05696 DSC05697 DSC05698


DSC05679DSC05690 DSC05684 DSC05692

Here we lay 2 layers of paper on top of each other.DSC05694  DSC05706 DSC05713 DSC05715


Using a brush, you can control amount of the pulp on the paper. The lines are cleaner with the method.


Hydraulic press helps to squeeze out the water.

DSC05756 DSC05857 DSC05860 DSC05862




I laser cut the vinyl and transfer it onto the mesh screen.

Tip: Small thin lines or small areas works the best, or you might create big holes in your paper.DSC05748 DSC05758 DSC05759 DSC05760 DSC05761 DSC05880 DSC05884 DSC06786 DSC06787