IOT: EPA UV Index Feed

This device pulls the UV index data from the EPA server then display the UV level via RGB LED.

Force Haptic Feedback with LRA & Load Cell

Force Haptic Feedback via strain gauge & LRA (Linear Resonant Actuators) experiment.

LIS3MDL + NeoPixel, Virtual Dial

Using LIS3MDL Triple-axis Magnetometer as input to create a virtual dial.

WebUSB – Send String to 32u4

WebUSB has a nice cross platform APIs that allows you to talk to your microcontrollers through the browser.

Moving Lamp

HR-PF01 is my first work from the HR series in year 2019.

Loading Puck – CNC Aluminum

Loading Puck is made out of CNC Aluminum, it uses an accelerometer to turn on and off the LED lights. You can wear it or use it on your desktop as do not distribute indicator for your co-workers.

Time Box

Time box contains an accelerometer and 6 LEDs. Every 10 minutes, a LED would light would light up. You can also program it as a level or desk toy.

Time Box / Focus Lamp

In time management, timeboxing allocates a fixed time period, called a time box, to each planned activity. This internet connected desktop lamp allows you to set a fixed amount of time for your current task to help you focus and remind how much time your have left.  

Mini Team Spirit Generator

Instructions coming soon Download Stl

Modular Servo Casing Chain

This modular servo casing allows you to use the same design/same part over and over again to create a robotic chain movement or loop. 

Smart Dispenser: Dispenses solutions based on the VOC

In this experiment we are dispensing mouthwash, but you can dispense any solution that you like base off your sensor data.

Plotting Realtime WiFi Data with canvas.js

This is a easy way to plot data in realtime or overtime using the wifi connection. Using the REST and some plotting javascript library, you can visualized the data quick and output to another other format, even a cloud base database for backup.

OLED + VCNL4010 Proximity sensor over I2C

In this tutorial, you will learn how to daisy chain i2c, use array-push to graph data from VCNL4010 Proximity sensor and display it on a black and white OLED.

ATWINC1500 to ATWINC1500

  Look up your IP addresses Some routers allows you to assign static IP address via the admin page. You will need to provide the router with the MAC address, so it will dedicate an assigned IP address to a MAC address every time when the connection has been established. Label the IP address somewhere, […]

ATWINC1500 WiFi UDP Communication

ATWINC1500 is Atmel’s WiFi chip, it is not as cheap as ESP32 or ESP8266. It’s easy to setup, stable and fast. This tutorial will walk you through how to do IO via UDP.

Haptic Array Experiment

Having an array of haptic vibration modules fire one after another in a row, what sensation would it give out? I am about to find out.

Ultimaker 3 Tricks & Tips

In this post, I will show you how to turn Ultimaker 3’s RGB LED light off, video streaming the print via the phone, and printing using PVA (polyvinyl alcohol) as supporting material.

3 Axis Cardboard CNC machine (CCNC)

There are many different applications for a CNC machine, the most basic “Hello World” example is the drawing machine. This cardboard CNC machine can be made out of aluminum or acrylic for stronger structural support.

2 Axis Cardboard CNC Machine

Designing a 3 axis CNC machine isn’t easy, especially without any CAD software. This 2 Axis Cardboard CNC Machine was my first prototype was for me to test how the cardboard would perform and how I would festen the structure with press fit and screws.

Prepping for TEDxVienna

This is a short documentation on my process of prepping for my speech at TEDx Vienna. From the invite, content generation, practice sessions to the final product.

Modular Robot – Fully Assembled

For demoing the application, I demonstrated the positioning of the robot, the pressure sensitive gripper and the capability for scanning objects. This is all done with the modular design, all parts are detachable and reconfigurable.

Reconfigurable Modular Robot

Twist & Lock Linkage Modular PVC Pipe Body PVC pipe is a strong and cheap material for making the body of the modular robot. You can cut them into desire length for your application or have a few different length to swap out. I used a band saw to cut them into smaller pieces.      […]

Modular Wifi Robot with ESP8266

ESP8266-03 is fairly simple to use however there is a huge latency issue using the Http’s Get request. The chip stops running the program when you send too many requests all at once. For realtime application, this is probably not ideal.

Twist-on Join

The joins for the modular robot would provide the physical linkage and the power, possibly date as well. The twist join provides a secure and firm join for the robotic body.


Using a camera with head position detection, I was able to create parallax effect for positioning a remote camera, like looking through a window. I used Arduino Yun on Wifi, WebRtc, and head tracker.js. It was quick as easy!

Closed-Loop Control System

For my closed loop control system, I would like to monitor the pressure on the grabber to vary the grabbing speed of my grabber. The grabber would then play “fetch” with me with the robotic arm.

Manipulation & Processes

For this week I explore jamming, milling, suction cup, gripping (with sensors). I also made improvements on the mechanical mechanism for robotic body, attaching and detaching modules and pan the tilt platform.


There two major mechanisms of the modular self assembling robot that I want to add motion to, the grabber and the self locking join. I did not focus on the grabbing function, but I could improved it by adding pressure sensors or current sensing circuit in the future.

Modular Robotic Arm

Design, model, and prototype the operation of mechanisms for my modular robots. Click / Snap on (Magnet) + Data & Power Connection (Pogo Pins) + Stiff Linkage + Detachable (solenoid)

Material Stress Strain Study

Measure the stiffness and strength of a structure, and relate it to the material properties. My goal was to design a flexible join out of 3D printed material, PET. It should be strong enough to hold a certain weight and at the same time easy to take apart, assembled and reassembled.

Micro Fluidics Design

Printing and design considerations Using the FormLab 3D printer, we were able to consistently reproduce 1mm channel. Making the channels easier to clean When using 1mm channels, try not to have one continuous long channels, if you really need a long channel try to vary the length, angle and patterns to have different pressure flow […]

Wearable Loading Wheel – Motion Deactivated

I am bring Loading Wheel to real-life! This is a motion deactivated loading wheel, when you stop moving the loading lights comes on. I found the spinning light to be extremely meditating in the real-life.

Programable Motion Sensor Night Light

I always have trouble finding light switches during the middle of the night in the dark or entering a pitch black room when I get home. That is why I created this customized and programmable night light.

Moon Rock

This project was inspired by the different colors of moon light through out the night. This can be used as a light night, indicating the time with color. I used 96 NeoPixel ring to create this effect, it is also programable with usb.

Apple Watch Dock on Cinema Display

This is a hack for using Cinema Display as an Apple Watch charging dock. Using the kensington lock hole behind the monitor for the hook.

Denim Cannon Speakers

Denim and Burlap are great composite materials for my cannon speaker project. It produces rich base and clear high tones, and also has a nice surface finish. It’s both light weight and strong.

Bluetooth 4.0 HM10 cc2541 Duplex

With Bluetooth 4.0 HM-10 BLE it is very easy to create duplex communication. each BLE device will send and receive data via serial port, and it’s very easy and fast.

Using Atmega328p

You can make your own Arduino IDE compatible micro controller for only $2 with Atmega328p and a few other parts. This tutorial also works with Attiny 44 & 45

Sound Reactive LED Wall – Inspired by Ex Machina

This is an Ex Machina inspired sound reactive wall. To test this concept, I create a small laser cut card board pattern with a piece of paper as light diffuser.

Bluetooth 4.0 HM-10 / cc2541 / BLE

HM-10 is a BLE module for embedded system to get BLE wireless communication with BLE capable devices (e.g. iPhone and iPad). It is fully configurable by a rich and well documented AT command-set and allows transparent data communication via serial UART (default baudrate 9600bps).

Compact Micro controller with ATmega328 – Arduion Pro/Mini 8 MHz

Sometime you don’t need to break out all the pins that are on ATmega328, maybe you just want to drive one servo with one sensor. This demo shows you how to create a compact “Arduino” board.

Making Friends by Making Them v.01

Making Friends by Making Them is an open source modular robotic construction kit. The construction kit allows to add motion and sensors that react with the environment.

Ultimaker 2 & Form 1

In this post I share tips and tricks for printing using Ultimaker 2 and form 1.

Mugshot Clay Mug

Making the Profile To make the profile of a mug, first you need a template. I took a side profile shot of my face then live trace it in illustrator using the “Live Trace Function” I made sure that the edges aren’t too sharp or contains too much details before I cut it out on […]

Paper Making, Watermark & Pulp Painting

You can control the thickness, color, material, and inlays of your own paper in the process of making your own paper. The metal wires creates rusty texture, the mesh with vinyl creates watermarks.

Mini Loom

Based on Samantha Bittman’s mini loom design I made the Fab Loom stronger, bigger with the inter lockable rings for different style cones. You can extend the loom or modify the corn using template or just last cut them as is.

Wooden Sandals

It’s pretty easy to make a pair of wooden Sandals when you have the shopbot and some casting material. You can customized your sandal to fit your feet perfectly with style!

Making of the Drawing Machine

The drawing machine was made in a hotel in China Shenzhen using the locally sourced materials for maker’s week exhibition with helps from Nadya Peek + James Coleman + Calvin Zhong + Suzanne Magill.

Simple Laser Cut Puzzles

The design allows the cardboard to friction fit at any opening sections.
Different cardboard thickness would require different opening sizes, usually the are the same size for a good friction fit. You might need to try different sizes to get the right tightness.

One Video A Day Project

I’ve decided to make a small film everyday, trying to get better at my storytelling, film making and editing skills. The quality might vary based my daily interaction with the world since they are mostly improvisational.

DIY Lab Shakers / Incubator shaker

“A shaker is a piece of laboratory equipment used to mix, blend, or to agitate substances in tube(s) or flask(s) by shaking them, which is mainly used in the fields of chemistry and biology. A shaker contains an oscillating board which is used to place the flasks, beakers, test tubes, etc. Although the magnetic stirrer […]

Ease Servo Movement

This is an easing example using delay. BTW, the timing based movement without delay will be better because your processor can still read data off the sensors.

Linear Gripper

I used a compact linear actuator by Firgelli, it is both fast and strong. It is much lighter than my previous design, which requires 2 servos.

Compact Capacitive Pressure Sensing

For my robotic gripper, I want to make a small and compact Capacitive Pressure sensor but it turns out to be a little harder than I expected.

Oriental Window Design

I want to make a few Oriental Windows to accompany my latest project, Nostalgic Touch. I want to create a temple like setting for my installation. I started by studying the existing design and made my own.

Self-Reproduction Robot

Model the operation of a self-reproducing machine, think about how that might work, and in part this is an exercise in more advanced modeling of the motion as well as the design of a mechanism.

Hacking Roomba 560 as moving camera rig

For this week, I want to turn my Roomba into my camera man. Similar to remote cameras that they use in TV studios, the roomba would move according to my preplanned path.     Wiring By taking out the lit off the roomba, you will find a PS/2 like cable. We will be using this […]

Light switch box

This is a very simple LED controller that cycles through different lighting mode using attend 44.

Big LCD Clock

This is a simple big LCD clock using a LCD backpack. This allows you to send serial data and display text with only 3 pins. The clock doesn’t keep time when you power off.

Read and write data with Arduino Yun

In this project, I am storing finger gesture data to the SD card, then reading for the servo play back using the bridge FileIO library.

Intimacy Prosthetics Mark II

For Intimacy Prosthetics Mark II, I want to experiment with organic and geometric shapes, giving it complexity and simplicity at the same time. This idea echoes with the idea of RIT’s comfort and discomfort that the devices will provide.

Intimacy Prosthetics

Intimacy Prosthetics consist of 2 wearable devices that 2 people would wear to communicate sense of human connection through touch. The device is capable of sending and receiving double tap, x & y movement wirelessly.

Mechanical Design & Machine Design

This week we get to play with Machines that make: cardboard stages. Working as a team, we decided to do laser projection with mirror and moving gantry. The result was pretty great.

Interface & Application Programming

Node.js is great for interfacing browsers, running Javascript both on client side and server side. However it take a few steps to deploy on new machines.

Networking & Communications

Nrf24L01 is really easy to program with RF24 Arduino library. The data transfer rate is fast for both ways, it is great for cheap & easy wireless applications.

Output Devices

Output devices could be display or motion with servo or stepper motors. In my case, I often use them for human robot interactions. They are fun to code and fun to play with, especially interpreting the input to map the output.

Input Devices

Using the capacitive touch I created a linear potentiometer using the transmit-receive method. I am sure with more tweaks it could be more accurate at reading the finger position.


Composites is a good method to get a strong structure by combining 2 different materials. This week I tried Burlap and Entropy Resins and it came out extremely strong but with the vacuumed one part mold, the surface wasn’t as smooth as I’ve hopped.

Embedded Programming

There are many ways to program tiny44, Arduino or C code is what I tried this week. I was able to hook up and light sensor to make an LED go on and off. By learning how to program with C, you get to see what went on behind the Arduino IDE.

Molding & Casting

Molding & Casting is an easy way to mass produce the same part over and over again with pretty high details. Unlike 3D printer, Molding & Casting often takes a lot less time and you can cast with many different materials.

Electronics Design

ATtiny44 is a small and cheap micro controller which you can program it like an Arduino board but with limited pins with no hardware serial.

Computer Controlled Machining – ShopBot

The ShopBot is pretty handy comes to making rounded and complex shapes. It is like a table router that you can set the height, bit size, and depth. This is very useful if you want to make the same shape over and over again.

3D Scanning & 3D Printing

3D printer is a great tool for prototyping or even for your finish product. However 3D printing is time consuming, unless you have a fine tune machine. It depends on the printing bed, temperature, printing speed, feed rate and many other variables.

Electronics Production – Milling the FabISP

To create our first board, FabISP, we use a milling machine to mill away the copper from the PCB board by using 2 png files. One of the trace and one for the outline / board cut out.

Computer-Controlled Cutting – Laser Cutter

Laser cutter is a fast and easy way to cut plastic, thin wood or etch graphics. It offers accurate precisions so you can make 2D assembling kit that fits perfectly.

Computer-Controlled Cutting – Vinyl Cutter

Vinyl Cutter is able to produce fine lines and small curves, it’s great for smooth metal or plastic surface. It is a nice graphic design and branding tool or simply a sticker maker.

Computer-Aided Design

Tele-touch is a device that let’s the user touch each other by sending touch position data and received position data in realtime wirelessly. The upper part of the device consist of two servos with 2 degrees of freedom, allow it to move up, down, right and left.