My name is Dan Chen. I am a designer, researcher and an engineer. I make prototypes and products base on user research and behavior analytic, exploring new ways of interactions through hardware and software.

My work was exhibited in Vitra Design Museum, MAK Wien, Design Museum Gent, Seoul Museum of Art, Centrum Nauki Kopernik & Ars Electronica.

I explore new ways of interaction and communication through research, hardware, software and storytelling, inviting a reflective evaluation and implication.


Art & Design


TedX Bologna
I design interaction models
that helps people navigate
I design and maufature easy to use hardware and software for scientist at
Culture Biosciences
I generate concepts, prototpyes, and manage productions for MIT Media Lab's
Scratch Puck
My Robotic Team
Team Spirit Generator
Digital & physical initmacy Video
Initmacy Machine
I instigates augmented intimacy & ethics
End of Life Care Machine
My open CNC tool reel
Cardboard CNC
TedX Vienna
My work around self identity
Cremate Bot
Mental Projections Project
Friend 3
Video Reel
Current Exhibition
Copernicus Science Centre
Current Traveling Exhibition Curated by Vitra Design Museum
Hello Robot