My name is Dan Chen. I am a designer, researcher and an engineer. I make prototypes and products base on user research and behavior analytic, exploring new ways of interactions through hardware and software.

I have several degrees including Master in Arts and Science from MIT, MFA in digital media from RISD and a BFA in communication design from UConn. I have over 13 years of design and engineering experience. Previous positions include MIT Lifelong Kindergarten as an industrial designer and mechanical engineer. Culture Biosciences as Senior Engineer. Johnson & Johnson as Senior Interaction Designer and senior Interaction Designer at IDEO.

My work have been featured in CNET, The Huffington Post, the verge, Engadget, Mashable and Daily Mail. I was invited as a speaker at TEDx Vienna and TEDx Bologna. My work was exhibited in Vitra Design Museum, MAK Wien, Design Museum Gent, Seoul Museum of Art, Centrum Nauki Kopernik & Ars Electronica.

Working in the realms of interaction design and product design, I explore new ways of interaction and communication through research, hardware, software and storytelling, inviting a reflective evaluation and implication.

TedX Bologna
TedX Vienna
I design interaction models
that helps people navigate
Video Reel
I Make Stuff
Shenzhen Teaching Trip Reel
manufacturing in china
My Robotic Team
Team Spirit Generator
My open CNC tool reel
Cardboard CNC
Mental Projections Project
Friend 3
Digital & physical initmacy Video
Initmacy Machine
My work around self identity
Cremate Bot
I instigates augmented intimacy & ethics
End of Life Care Machine
My work for MIT Media Lab: Generate design concepts, prototpyes, and taking it to production.
Scratch Puck
I design easy to use hardware for scientist for
Culture Biosciences
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