Hello, my name is
Dan Chen
I am a
I am a
I design human robot
I conduct design researches on how we form
Mental Projections
I create new forms of
I explore the digital and physical
I creates open tools that
I instigates augmented
I creates digital tools that form
I makes devices that questions self
I create accessible and playful
open designs
Upcoming Exhibition

Design Portfolio


This site features selected archive of Dan Chen's work. This includes 2D, 3D, robotic, installations and interactive works.


Technical Portfolio


A collection of tutorials and experiemnts that Dan have written. Ranging from how to use network protocals, bluetooth, chips and many little fun projects.



Dan Chen is an designer and engineer. He processes his thoughts through prototyping, utilizes manufacturing for mass communication and production, investigates new ways of human machine interaction experience.

He has several degrees including a MAS from MIT, an MFA in digital media from RISD and a BFA in communication design from UConn. He has over 7 years of design experience and now works at Johnson & Johnson as Senior Interaction Designer. Previous positions include Senior Interaction Designer at IDEO, Product Designer, and developer at The Economist Group and Morningstar Inc.

His personal work has been featured in CNET, The Huffington Post, the verge, Engadget and Daily Mail. Dan was invited as a speaker at TEDx Vienna on the future of intimacy in 2016. His work was exhibited in Vitra Design Museum, MAK Wien, Design Museum Gent & Ars Electronica.

Working in the realms of robotics, communication design, interaction design and product design, Dan explores the new ways of communication and human experience through working prototypes and storytelling, inviting a reflective evaluation and implication.